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By refining our methods of growing poultry we have discovered an extremely high quality taste.We are very honored to introduce a delicious combination of chicken and shark fin collagen.It is truly a product to savor.


A four-minute walk from Ebisu station
A restaurant specializing in chicken and shark fin with a special hot pot dishof “Ogon Mizutaki Nabe”

Our chicken meat is transported by air from Miyazaki prefecture, southern part of Japan, and cooked more than six hours to make “Ogon Mizutaki Nabe”.
You can enjoy a luxury ingredient “shark fin” with the chicken at our restaurant.

JOur restaurant is located in a very convenient area, a four-minute walk from the west entrance of JR Ebisu station.
We have semiprivate cozy seats at the counter with a stylish atmosphere, fully private rooms with a relaxed atmosphere, and a spacious room for seats at tables.

We serve various kinds of dishes to customers to enjoy the taste of the chicken collagen and shark fin collagen.
Any kind of booking for happy events, business meals and parties are available here.
Please contact us directly to book the entire restaurant for your private functions.

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Enjoy our
“Ogon Mizutaki Nabe” of chicken
from Miyazaki prefecture
and shark fin
from Kesennumain Miyagi Prefecture.

Making a reservation in advance is highly recommended.

You can enjoy various kinds of course meals here.

We serve “CMS Toyomitsu Mizutaki course” with popular dish “Ogon Mizutaki Nabe of chicken from Miyazaki prefecture”, "Chicken middle wing collagen Mizutaki Course" with delicious chicken middle wing, and “Fukahire Mizutaki course” with both the chicken and shark fin.

We can make arrangements according to the budget.
Please feel free to contact us.

Inside the store

Inside the store

Semiprivate seats at counter
and fully private rooms are

Private use for up to 30 people is arranged according to budget.
We are happy to assist you for various kinds of events such as dining with important customers, celebrations, and so on.
You can realize special and private moments here.

A spacious room with three tables is available for 16 people.
This is a popular space for year-end parties, New Year’s parties, welcome and farewell parties etc.



Rich variety of dishes of very fresh chicken and shark fin

We serve dishes so that you can taste shark fin in various styles.
Our original dish “Sazaku”, Kabayaki (glaze-grilled) shark fin accompanied with vinegared cucumbers, is our specialty.
“Fukahire Daikon”, a dish of shark fin and white radish simmered in slow-cooked chicken broth, is very popular with male customers.
We hope you enjoy yourself to the full with our special dishes of fresh chicken from Miyazaki prefecture and shark fin with rich collagen.




Enjoy our selected drinks.

Various of kinds of drink are available such as beer, shochu, wine, sake, shaoxing rice wine, homemade drink which are carefully selected to go well with dishes.
Our recommendation is “Nihonshu Dashi Wari”, Sake mixed with soup of Mizutaki dish, which is only available here.
We also prepare homemade ginger and lemon sour cocktail using sliced ginger and lemon soaked in vodka for long time. This is popular among female customers and goes well with Mizutaki dish.

All-you-can-drink is available for customers who reserve a set menu.